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This portable baby bed is an independent baby bed. The co sleeper bassinet can be close to the big bed without a fence required, which is convenient for the mother to look after the baby. Surround with the fence, the portable baby bassinet suitable for infants and children from age 0-6 years.

Multi-functions, 4 modes for this baby crib:

Co-sleeper does not only mean baby sleep in the adult bed beside the adult, it also means baby and parent sharing the same room to make the co-sleeper safer. The bedside sleeper is like a regular baby bed, but you can adjust the height to fit for the adult bed. Thanks to the open side, mom can easily feed the baby without getting up.  Different from the traditional wooden crib, the portable baby bed combine the functions of playroom, cradle, shaker and diaper table into one, so this so sleeper bassinet is very versatile and useful.

  • This portable crib attached to bed is also an independent baby bed which can be close to the large bed, very convenient for baby care.
  • Playroom: This best co sleeper bassinet has two layers, the first layer can be used as a private playroom as well as a short-term nursery.
  • Diaper table: Considerate diaper table design makes changing diapers is no longer backache!
  • 10° science shaker: Adopted with mother-imitate-arm design, the portable baby bed can be used as a shaker which can give your baby good sleep.

  • Material: aluminium alloy, Oxford cloth, PP plastic
  • Two-layer bed, stable and comfortable for baby's sleeping.
  • Four gear height adjustable only for moms to choose a comfortable height for their baby.
  • Easy to move: The baby crib on wheels are easy to move from one room to another, it's very convenient to take it out and use as a travel portable baby cot.
  • Very easy to install and no tool is required.
  •  There is a fixed seat belt that can put the baby crib and adult bed close to each other, to prevent the baby bed from deviating from the big bed, causing the baby to fall and cause injury.
  • Crib music bell can be carried alone or tied to the arm of the bed to attract babies attention and give them fun.
  • The portable baby bed is very easy to store and use, it takes up no space, so it's also a small crib for small spaces.
  • Folding, portable and easy to store, easy to carry when going out. mom can easily lift it by herself.
  • Suitable age: First floor 1-6 years old, second floor 0-3 years old.

Please look at the guide and video carefully before setting up this portable bed.
  • 1 Lift up two short sides to unfold the baby bed, make sure that the lock is locked.
  • 2 Pullover the long side to unfold, and then ensure the lock is worked.
  • 3 Note: Lock rails BEFORE lowering centre, please make sure the rails are locked and become rigid. If not, pull up again until they are rigid.
  • 4 Hold one of the units up and push the centre down until locked securely into place.
  • 5 Put the soft mattress in the crib.
  • Baby crib installation video: https://youtu.be/FHURCtz8EGU
  • Instructions in English: click

    Size reference:

    • Net Weight:  30.8 LBS
    • Gross weight: 35.2 LBS
    • Carrying capacity: The first layer 132 LBS, The second layer 44 LBS
    • Expanding size:  50 * 27 * 30 Inch
    • Folding size: 31 * 9 * 7.9 Inch
    • Second floor size: 50 * 9 * 11 Inch
    • Suitable mattress: 120*60cm (about 47* 23.6 Inch)

    Safety  Guaranteed: SGS international certification + formaldehyde tester designated by Dell environmental monitoring department

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