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The birth of every baby is a miracle of life. The healthy growth of the baby is inseparable from meticulous care. Choosing the best baby stroller not only provides a lot of conveniences but also brings more laughter to the family. If this is what you want, please finish reading this article. It will definitely help you to choose the right stroller.

In the article:

  1. Basic types of strollers

  2. What is the best stroller

  3. How to choose a stroller

In order to choose on-demand, we must first  understand its type and features. There are  currently six types of strollers on the market.

  •   Full-size stroller
  •   Lightweight umbrella stroller
  •   Jogging stroller
  •   Double stroller
  •   Car seat carrier
  •   Travel system



      Basic types of strollers

      Full-size stroller

      A full-size stroller is a compact, easily maneuverable stroller. Bigger, sturdier, and more durable making it the go-to option for many families. It is one of the best city strollers with lies flat and a large canopy. These features also make the full-size stroller bulky, but it is an extra cart at the airport. Roomier baskets can get more storage capacity.

      Lightweight umbrella stroller

      The lightweight umbrella can be used as your second stroller. Compared with a full-size stroller, it is lighter and smaller. More suitable for babies over six months old. It is convenient for you to carry on weekend trips, travel, or visit parents. 

      Jogging stroller

      A jogging stroller is undoubtedly a stroller suitable for jogging with your baby. If you want your baby to be comfortable and stable during jogging, then a high-quality jogging stroller is extremely important. A three-wheeled jogging stroller makes great for a jogger, but it is challenging for daily use, especially in narrow places. Suitable for babies over six months. Due to the fragile spine of newborns, it is not recommended to use this stroller.

      Double stroller

      The double prams are especially suitable for families with two or more children. If you have three children at the same time, a triple stroller is the best choice. Its function and style are almost the same as that of a double baby stroller. There are also many types of double strollers; they have different functions and are suitable for different families. You need to think carefully before buying. Here are some types of twin strollers you need to know:

      • Side by side double stroller: As the name suggests, the stroller seats arranged in rows. Its advantage is that the guardian can take care of two babies at the same time; the vision of the two babies is wider. Of course, this also makes it difficult for the side by side stroller to pass through narrow areas, such as elevators, doorways, or shops.
      • Tandem stroller: Toddlers usually sit face to face or front to back. Babies can look at each other in the stroller, which increases interactivity but avoids fighting. Every baby has its own independent space and enjoys the same treatment.
      • Sit-and-stand stroller: Specially designed for families with multiple children with age differences. One seat can sit or lie down, and the other seat allows older children to sit or stand.
      • Wagon stroller: One excellent wagon stroller can make alternatives to double strollers in that it works from newborns all the way up to the older years. Wagon stroller is fully functional, spacious, and equipped with snack trays, storage pockets, and even seat belts.

      Car seat stroller

      It is a combination of a car seat and a small stroller from car seat to stroller in seconds. Will not disturb a sleeping baby at all when moving the car seat carrier from the car. It belongs to the newborn stroller, and the usable period is very short only about 0-6 months.

      Travel system

      The car seat stroller combo, 2 in 1 stroller, 3 in 1 stroller comes with one stroller, and car seat all belongs to the travel system. The car seat can be installed on the stroller through an adapter, which is convenient for moving the sleeping baby. But the car seat is suitable for 0-6 months for the newborn. When the baby is older, you still need to buy child car seats.

      What is the best stroller

      Although we have some understanding of the types of strollers, there are still many differences between each type. Maybe you have these questions: What is the best stroller? Don't worry. We have compiled the selection criteria for the best stroller.

      What is the best double stroller

      There are many types of double strollers, not only in style but also in function. E.g.: double stroller for infant and toddler, a double stroller with car seat, twin stroller, double jogging stroller, lightweight double stroller, compact double stroller, double umbrella stroller etc. According to the needs of your family, find a double stroller with corresponding functions.

      Double prams for newborn and toddler is specially prepared for babies with age differences. Newborns need to be able to lie flat, which is obviously not suitable for children who are curious and eager to explore the world! So the seats of the best double stroller must have a lying function. I have listed some things to pay attention to when buying a double stroller for reference.

      Selection conditions:

      Load-bearing: Be sure to check the product description carefully before buying. Most strollers can be advertised as suitable up to 25kg. For a twin pram, it means that each seat can carry a maximum of 12.5kg.

      Weight: To carry two babies at the same time, even a lightweight stroller will become hard to push, especially when you need to go up and downstairs. Of course, the load-bearing of the lightweight double stroller is not as good as the double buggy.

      Width: Side by side double stroller and wagon stroller are wider than other double strollers. They are not suitable for people who often need to take the elevator or go through narrow aisles. Before choosing your own double buggy, it is a good idea to measure the doors and corridors to make sure they are suitable and have enough space to pass through.


      What is the best jogging stroller

      Many parents will use the jogging stroller as their second stroller. Even if you don’t like jogging, the jogging stroller is also a great choice. Its oversized wheels are enough to cope with any situation on the road, providing a comfortable journey for your baby. There is no doubt that the design of the jogging stroller is better than the traditional pushchair in terms of stability and reduces the impact of impact. But the best jogging stroller is often more thoughtful and humane in the design of the details.

      Locking front wheel:

      This function is very important for jogging strollers. In daily walks, the front wheels can be universally rotated. But when jogging, the front wheels must be kept locked to prevent the stroller from turning over and tilting.


      The stroller is not custom-made; it is suitable for most people's height. Maybe you will feel uncomfortable with the handle height during use. The adjustable function on the stroller perfectly solves this problem. 


      1. A Hand Brake: The brakes of most strollers are foot brakes. But the speed of the jogging stroller is very fast. Especially on roads with hilly terrain. Handbrake can help you maintain good condition and safety.
      2. Safety tether: This is the strap that links the stroller to the wrist. It is very dangerous to leave the stroller with both hands during running. This safety rope can prevent the stroller from getting out of your hands.
      3. Five-point harness: There are two types of safety belts on strollers: three-point and five-point harness. A five-point seat belt is, of course, the best choice.
      4. Avoid using cup holders: For safety, it is best not to use cup holders or dinner plates when jogging. The water cup can easily fall from the cup holder.

      Reclining seat:

      Although toddlers do not need to lie flat in the same way as a newborn baby, children still prefer to lie in a stroller rather than sitting. 

      Applicable age for jogging stroller

      Running with a toddler at least eight months of age on smooth, flat surfaces. On particularly bumpy mountain roads requires children over 12-18 months old.


      How to choose a stroller

      Criteria for the right stroller

      1. Seat belts

      Seat belts on a stroller are very important. You can't predict what type of road the stroller will encounter in order to get from point A to point B. The seat belt protects your child at all times. The best buggies have a 5-point belt to prevent your child from slipping or falling out.

      1. braking system

      Brakes are an essential safety feature of every stroller. The brake must be easy to use. You should feel effortless to turn on and off easily. The brakes on a stroller are usually placed out of reach of the child for maximum safety.

      1. foldability

      Good stroller design takes into account not only the baby but also the needs of the parents. A foldable stroller not only saves space but also offers parents comfort for going out. It can be placed in the trunk of the car or even taken on the plane.

      1. Baby bassinet and seat

      All perfect strollers have two functions: lying and sitting so the baby can sleep or enjoy the view. The best seat can be easily adjusted from lying to sitting.

      1. Tires and shock absorbers

      Strollers are like exclusive cars for babies. If the bumps are severe, it is almost impossible to nap while driving in the stroller. So it is important to consider the wheels and shock absorbers. But parents will ignore this factor when choosing. Compared to pneumatic tires, vacuum rubber wheels are more shock-absorbing and more wear-resistant. These bikes can tackle difficult terrain. Good wheels and shock absorbers can provide a smooth ride for you and the little one.


      1. Cost

      First-time parents are often shocked at how much strollers cost. If you have enough budget to spend, expensive strollers often have things like better suspension systems and easier maneuverability, quality fabrics and color choices, and modular seats. But don't go over budget - while high-end strollers can cost more than a thousand dollars or more, it's also (very) possible to get a stroller that will suit your needs for a lot less.

      1. According to the age of the baby

      For babies under 12 months, you should choose a stroller with an adjustable backrest, as they need to lie down. This type of stroller can generally lie flat at a large angle (165 ° -170 °). E.g ., car seat stroller combo, bassinet stroller, retro stroller, etc.

      For infants over 12 months as the child can sit up at this point. You can choose a stroller buggy with fewer features but one that is easy to carry. E.g., travel system, umbrella stroller, jogging stroller, lightweight stroller, etc.

      Babies and toddler have very different needs. This should be taken into account when choosing a stroller. But many strollers are designed to meet the needs of different stages in the baby's growth process.

      1. Outing environment

      When going out, choose a stroller according to the road conditions.

      If the road surface is good and the city road is flat, you can choose a stroller with general shock absorption performance.

      If the road is uneven and bumpy, consider choosing a stroller with better shock absorption performance, e.g., B. a height landscape stroller with suspension or baby jogging stroller. This type of stroller can run in different road conditions.

      Second, the stroller should be selected according to the frequency of going out and the length of the journey. If your baby likes outdoor activities and the distance is far, you can opt for a lightweight, small collapsible stroller.

      1. Whether it takes up space

      Most strollers are foldable for ease of mobility, which is also crucial when using them. If you need a more crowded form of transport like the subway or bus, consider choosing compact, foldable prams. In addition, the foldable stroller saves space even when not in use.

      1.  Family size

       If you're a family with  just one child or want another child  three years after the first child, a single stroller will work  just fine. However, if you think you might have another  child in the next one year, consider a single stroller that  can be converted into twin strollers or even  accommodate up to three children (two seats + a stroller  board ). Many parents say that one of their biggest  regrets for strollers is not to invest in one that would turn  into a double.

      1.  Other considerations
      •  Weight

       Heavy strollers mean the frame and wheels are stronger  and more durable. Lighter strollers are easier to carry,  but not suitable for complex terrain. You can make  judgments based on your living environment and  lifestyle.

      • Stroller accessories

      Even if you are buying a stroller, you may want accessories such as an umbrella, rain cover, insect net, baby carrier, stroller chain, cup holder, etc. A shopping basket on the stroller is very useful for parents. When going out, you will need to bring some personal items, such as baby diapers. It frees your hands of keys, wallets, and baby products. A canopy is another useful feature that can protect your child from harmful UV rays. With the same type of stroller; buying a stroller with more accessories is also a good decision.

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