June 24, 2020 1 min read

Baby Crib Instruction

To avoid children asphyxia or strangulation, please make sure all the parts and
plastic wraps are far from children. The assembly need to complete by adults
and dispose the plastic wraps afterward.
1. keep children away while folding or adjusting baby play yard
2. clear anything that baby can grad or step on around the play yard or inside the play yard
3. play yard should be set up in plat ground, and avoid any dangerous items such as stove, induction cooker etc.
4.do not attach extra strings or anything easy to fall.
5.double check and fasten ever part of play yard before use.
6.take away the upper bed board while baby can grab the edge to stand
7.the edge height level should be adjust to over 60cm while baby can gran the edge to stand.
8.lock truckles while using. For your safety, do not use play yard near slope, staircase and near fire.
9.can only be used for baby less than 66 lb.
10.for your safety, adults need to be around while using the play yard.




qian Teng
qian Teng

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